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Lip Enhancements

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Lip enhancements, also known as lip fillers and/or lip augmentation is a noninvasive aesthetic treatment that helps your lip become augmented. Basically, the term ‘lip fillers’ and ‘lip augmentation’ are conflated and often used interchangeably but there exists a difference between both of them. Lip augmentation is a surgical process that is becoming minimally invasive, however, lip fillers are completely non-invasive treatment. Lips are an important part of your face that contributes a lot to your overall beauty. The more prominent your lips are, the more beautiful you look. Not only beautiful, but it lets you look young too. Your lips may begin losing volume over time due to different factors such as genetics, sun damage, smoking, etc. but get back this lost volume. Although lip enhancement does not reverse the aging signs directly, passively giving you fuller and plumper lips, it lets you look young to some extent. It does not delay the aging process at all yet thwarts the need for any invasive surgical procedure later.

It is assumed that lip fillers merely enhances the size of the lips, which is not true. Lip enhancement can be obtained for different purposes such as correcting the shape of lips, restoring previous lips size, smoothing the wrinkles you develop on the sides of your mouth while smiling, etc.

Benefits of Lip Fillers

If any part of your face is not shaped properly, your whole face does not look beautiful. But lip enhancements let you make your whole face look beautiful by shaping up your lips properly. Benefits of lip enhancements include:

  • Completely safe
  • Enhances facial appearance
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Lips shape correction
  • Lips size restoration
  • Low risk of side effects
  • Reversible
  • Smoothing wrinkles

Ideal Candidates for
Lip Enhancements

You will be considered an ideal candidate for lip enhancement if your overall physical health is in good condition, and do not have any oral infection. Getting lip enhancement treatment has not been approved during pregnancy. Yet for pregnant and breastfeeding women, lip enhancement is not the recommended treatment at all. If you use alcohol, you are more prone to bruising and redness. If you have any previous history of cold sores, the treatment tends to the recurrence of cold sores so it’s not a suitable treatment for you with cold sores. You must not have any chronic condition while going for this treatment.

If your lip size is small and you want to enhance the size of your lips, then lip enhancement is really what you need to go for.

Lip Fillers Pre-Procedure Guidelines

Lip Fillers Procedure

After the evaluation of your overall health and the factors you are prone to, your clinician begins the process. Before starting the procedure, the shape of your face is considered so as to bestow you with the best treatment. The clinician examines and measures your face and may take photographs of your face and lips.

The procedure actually begins when the healthcare provider applies a topical anesthetic to your lips to numb the lips. Anesthesia helps you feel comfortable without feeling any pain. 15 to 30 minutes are taken to let the anesthesia work properly. Then, the lip filler is injected into your lips through a thin needle. Due to anesthesia, you will feel pain, however, you will feel a pinching sensation. Throughout the procedure, an ice pack is applied to your lips to minimize the risks of bruising and swelling. This whole procedure takes around half an hour to 2 hours.

Afterward, the clinician will massage your lips, so it spreads thoroughly in the lips. You will be kept under monitoring to ensure you are not undergoing any side effects.

Frequently Asked

How long does lip enhancement last?

The longevity of lip enhancement hinges on treatment type, amount, and attributes. Injections, generally effective for three to twelve months, are popular. Implants offer a more enduring effect spanning several years, while the outcome of natural remedies can be variable. Keep in mind that as time unfolds, the effects of lip enhancement might gently wane in tandem with your lips' natural evolution.

How much does lip enhancement cost?

The monetary aspect of lip enhancement sways according to treatment type, scope, provider fees, and location. Before embarking on this endeavour, it's wise to requisition a quote from your chosen provider. Remember that lip enhancement generally aligns with cosmetic procedures, which usually fall outside the ambit of insurance coverage.

How do I prepare for lip enhancement?

Engaging in meticulous preparation for lip enhancement is pivotal. Abide by your provider's counsel, and factor in these salient recommendations:

  • For at least two weeks before and post-treatment, sidestep sun exposure, tanning beds, and self-tanners.
  • Give up smoking and moderate alcohol consumption for around a week before and following the procedure.
  • For roughly a week before and after the treatment, steer clear of blood-thinning substances such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or vitamin E.
  • Disclose your medical conditions, allergies, and any medications or supplements you're on to your provider.
  • Infuse hydration into your lips with a moisturizing balm before the treatment.

How do I care for my lips after lip enhancement?

  • Steer clear of spicy fare, hot beverages, or acidic foods, averting potential lip irritation or inflammation.
  • Embrace the daily habit of donning sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, shielding your lips from UV exposure.
  • Stay committed to your provider's appointments as scheduled, ensuring vigilant monitoring of your progress and outcomes.

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