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Meet the Staff

Dr. Rizwana Zaidi, MD

Dr. Rizwana Zaidi, MD

Dr. Rizwana Zaidi is a highly accomplished physician with extensive experience in Internal Medicine. Board-certified and trained at esteemed institutions, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her concierge medicine practice.

In addition to her expertise in Internal Medicine, Dr. Zaidi holds certifications in Addiction Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine. With her diverse skill set, she offers comprehensive care that addresses both medical and aesthetic aspects of her patients' lives.

Dr. Zaidi's commitment to healthcare extends beyond her concierge practice. She continues to practice Hospitalist medicine in the Northern VA area, demonstrating her dedication to patient care. Previously, she served as Assistant Director of the Hospitalist Group at Reston Hospital and led COVID treatment teams at INOVA Fairfax Hospital.

Despite her demanding schedule, Dr. Zaidi actively participates in mission trips, providing healthcare to underserved communities. She also organizes social events and embraces nature in her free time.

Choose Dr. Rizwana Zaidi as your concierge medicine physician to experience expert care delivered with compassion. Benefit from her extensive training, diverse certifications, and leadership experience, ensuring top-quality healthcare tailored to your unique needs.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Zaidi today and embark on a healthcare journey that prioritizes your well-being and empowers you to live a healthier life.

Dr. Jafer Abidi, MD
Your Accomplished Internal Medicine Specialist

Meet Dr. Abidi, a highly skilled and Board Certified Internal Medicine physician with extensive experience in both hospital and outpatient settings. He completed his training at the esteemed UHS Wilson Hospital in New York and has been providing exceptional care since 2013.

Throughout his career, Dr. Abidi has cared for patients in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, intensive care units, inpatient rehabs, skilled nursing facilities, free clinics, cardiac rehab, and outpatient clinics. His broad expertise allows him to address a wide range of medical conditions with precision and compassion.

Notably, Dr. Abidi served as the chairperson of the Infection Control Committee at Reston Hospital Center during the COVID pandemic, demonstrating his commitment to patient safety and quality care.

In addition to his comprehensive medical practice, Dr. Abidi specializes in hormonal health for aging men and women. With his deep understanding of hormonal imbalances, he offers personalized treatment plans to enhance vitality, improve quality of life, and restore hormonal balance.

Dr. Abidi is not only dedicated to his patients but also finds fulfillment in spending time with his wife and children. Exploring outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, biking, and swimming allows him to maintain a healthy work-life balance and recharge.

Choose Dr. Abidi as your trusted healthcare provider to receive exceptional care from an accomplished physician. With his expertise in internal medicine, experience in diverse healthcare settings, and specialization in hormonal health, he is equipped to address your unique healthcare needs with compassion and precision. Experience the difference of personalized, comprehensive care.

Dr. Jafer Abidi, MD
Supreet Sohi

Supreet Sohi

For over two decades, Supreet has honed her skills as a licensed master esthetician, demonstrating unparalleled mastery in skincare. Her extensive experience has enabled her to skillfully tailor treatments for the unique needs of the South Asian diaspora in the DMV area, seamlessly blending cultural sensitivity with cutting-edge techniques.

In addition to her esthetician career, Supreet also brings her expertise to the prestigious Aveda Art & Science Institute, where she continues to elevate the world of skincare and holistic wellness by educating the new esthetician coming in the field.

During her tenure as a Medspa owner from 2014 to 2020, Supreet deftly intertwined the realms of physical transformation and spiritual growth. She stood as a pillar of support for individuals navigating profound physical changes, using her nurturing spirit to create an environment that fosters not only outer radiance but also inner enlightenment.

Supreet's journey took an inspiring turn as she stepped into the roles of podcast host and motivational speaker. Through her platform, she passionately drives conversations around crucial subjects like mental health, domestic violence, and mindful living. Her words resonate as she empowers her audience to embrace a life of purpose and wellness.

A firm believer in the harmony between a healthy mind and an outer glow, Supreet showcases how self-care can pave the way for both inner and outer luminosity. Supreet Kaur Sohi's journey encompasses beauty, advocacy, and holistic wellness.

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We are committed to providing our patients with the best-in-class medical care possible through evidence-based medicine and innovative treatments.

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Appointments at
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