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Your chin is pivotal in facial aesthetics, demanding the utmost care and attention. At NOVA Concierge Medicine & Aesthetics, we extend chin enhancement services that meld artistry and scientific precision to craft the ideal chin tailored exclusively for you. Whether you aim to rectify a feeble or retrusive chin, amplify your jawline’s allure, or diminish the visibility of a dual chin, we provide a solution catered to your unique needs. We apply the cutting-edge methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies to execute chin augmentation procedures that are secure and remarkably productive, all while being meticulously aligned with your aspirations and inclinations. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and unveil the transformative potential that NOVA Concierge Medicine & Aesthetics holds for your chin and, by extension, your entire life.

Benefits of Chin Enhancement

The myriad benefits of our top-tier chin enhancement service

  • Facial Harmony: Achieve the perfect facial balance and symmetry you’ve always desired. Our expert procedures create a chin that seamlessly complements your unique facial features.
  • Enhanced Facial Profile: Rejuvenate your facial contour with added volume and projection, or bid farewell to excess fat and saggy skin beneath your chin. Unveil a revitalized you!
  • Confidence Booster: Transform your self-image with a more attractive and youthful appearance. Embrace the world with renewed confidence, thanks to your enhanced chin.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Experience minimal discomfort and downtime. Please choose from our surgical or non-surgical methods, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Expert Care: Rest assured, your chin enhancement will be in the hands of experienced and qualified plastic surgeons. We employ cutting-edge techniques and technologies to ensure not only optimal results but also your safety.
  • Personalization: Your goals and expectations matter to us. Benefit from a personalized consultation and follow-up care, ensuring that your chin enhancement aligns perfectly with your vision.
  • At NOVA Concierge Medicine & Aesthetics, we don’t just enhance chins; we elevate lives. Take the first step towards a more confident and radiant you.
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Ideal Candidates for Chin Enhancement

Harmony Seekers: If you’re dissatisfied with the shape, size, or projection of your chin and aim to enhance facial harmony and balance, you’re the ideal candidate.

Chin Strength Aspirants: Does your weak or retrusive chin affect your nose’s appearance or make your neck seem shorter? We’re here for you.

Chin Proportion Enthusiasts: Our solutions can refine your look if your prominent or jutting chin makes your face seem overly elongated or angular.

Contour Admirers: Does a double chin or excess chin fat and skin impact your facial contour and profile? We’ve got the answers.

Chin Enhancement Pre-Procedure Guidelines

Before you proceed on your chin enhancement adventure with us, take heed of these essential ti

Chin Enhancement Procedure Guidelines

When it comes to sculpting your ideal chin, we offer a selection of options to cater to your unique needs and preferences:

Chin Implant:

You will experience a transformative surgical procedure designed to elevate your chin’s projection and definition through this option. This involves delicately placing a silicone implant around your existing chin bone. You can choose either general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation for comfort. Our skilled surgeon will create a discreet incision, either under your chin or inside your mouth, through which the implant is carefully inserted. To secure the implant, screws or sutures are utilized, and the incision is meticulously closed with stitches or tape. Typically, the procedure lasts about an hour, allowing you to return home on the same day. Follow our post-operative guidelines, including avoiding strenuous activities, applying soothing ice packs, taking prescribed antibiotics and painkillers, and maintaining a clean and dry incision site. Post-surgery, Expect temporary swelling, bruising, numbness, or discomfort for a few days or weeks. While the results are enduring, revision surgery may be necessary in rare cases if the implant shifts becomes infected, or causes complications.


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Frequently Asked

Your ideal choice hinges on your unique goals, preferences, and medical history. Please schedule a consultation with our esteemed board-certified plastic surgeons for expert advice. They’ll assess your chin and facial anatomy, elucidate the pros and cons of each option, and address all your queries.

Procedure and recovery times fluctuate based on your selected chin enhancement type. Chin implant surgery typically spans around an hour, with same-day discharge. Expect a few days of wearing a compression bandage and a few weeks of avoiding strenuous activities. Temporary side effects like swelling, bruising, numbness, or discomfort may persist for a few days or weeks post-surgery. In contrast, a chin filler injection takes 15 to 30 minutes, allowing you to return to your routine promptly. You might experience mild swelling, redness, bruising, or tenderness for a few hours or days following the injection.

As with any medical procedure, chin enhancement carries some risks or complications. These rare occurrences can include infection, bleeding, hematoma, nerve damage, implant displacement, implant rupture, implant visibility, implant infection, implant extrusion, allergic reaction, filler migration, filler lumps, filler asymmetry, filler granuloma, filler necrosis, or dissatisfaction with the results. To minimize these risks, choose an experienced and certified plastic surgeon, adhere meticulously to pre-operative and post-operative instructions, and promptly communicate any concerns to your plastic surgeon.

The cost of your chin enhancement is influenced by several factors, including your chosen enhancement type, the volume of material required, procedural intricacy, the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia charges, facility fees, and any additional expenses. You’ll receive a personalized cost estimate during your consultation with your plastic surgeon. Plus, we offer flexible financing options to make your dream chin enhancement easily affordable.

The longevity of your chin enhancement results varies depending on your chosen approach. Chin implant results are enduring, offering a permanent transformation. However, revision surgery may be necessary in rare cases of implant shifting, infection, or complications. In contrast, chin filler results are temporary, lasting 6 to 12 months. To maintain your desired look, periodic touch-up injections are recommended.

Absolutely! You can combine chin enhancement with other facial procedures, allowing for a holistic facial rejuvenation experience. Commonly combined procedures include rhinoplasty (nose surgery), facelift, neck lift, lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, botox, and laser skin resurfacing. Your plastic surgeon will collaborate with you to determine the most suitable combination of procedures aligned with your unique goals and expectations.

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