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Under Eye Rejuvenation


Under Eye Rejuvenation

Under Eye Rejuvenation

Are you tired of looking and feeling worn out? Are you seeking to bid farewell those persistent dark circles, bothersome puffiness, stubborn wrinkles, and unwelcome sagging around your eyes? Look no further than NOVA Concierge Medicine & Aesthetics, the premier destination for under-eye rejuvenation.

At NOVA, we proudly offer diverse under eye rejuvenation treatments, each meticulously designed to target your unique eye-related concerns. We aim to unveil a brighter, smoother, and more youthful you. Whether your needs call for the relaxing touch of Botox to ease those crow’s feet, the transformative potential of under-eye filler to fill hollows and eliminate shadows, the revitalizing effects of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to boost collagen production and accelerate healing, or the remarkable skin-tightening and lifting capabilities of radiofrequency (RF), we have the precise solution you seek.

Under Eye Rejuvenation

Some of the reasons why people may opt for under-eye rejuvenation are:

  • To minimize the look of under-eye wrinkles caused by aging, sun damage, muscle movement, or sagging skin.
  • To reduce the appearance of dark circles beneath the eyes, which can be due to shadows from bulging fat, soft tissue depression, or pigmentation issues.
  • To address under-eye bags, which may result from weakened ligaments, excess fluid retention, allergies, medical conditions, or genetics.

Benefits of Under Eye Rejuvenation

When it comes to benefits, Botox has a long list. It has various benefits other than just smoothening
the wrinkles. Its benefits are as follows:

  • It can make those dark circles under your eyes less noticeable. These dark circles can appear due to blood vessels, pigmentation, or shadows.
  • It helps smooth out those tiny lines and wrinkles. Those wrinkles appear as we age, spend time in the sun, or make facial expressions.
  • It brings back volume and fullness to your under-eye area. Over time, it might look hollow or sunken because of aging, weight loss, or genetics.
  • It can lift and tighten the skin around your eyes. The skin around our eyes can start to droop or sag as we age, thanks to gravity or weakened muscles.
  • It brightens and evens out the skin tone around your eyes. The skin there can become dull, uneven, or discolored because of aging, sun exposure, or other environmental factors.
  • It can improve the shape and contour of your eyes. Aging, loss of fat, or the structure of your bones can affect how your eyes look.
  • It enhances your overall appearance, especially since your eyes are one of your face’s most noticeable and expressive features.
  • It can boost your confidence and self-esteem. Feeling more comfortable and satisfied with your appearance can have a positive impact.
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Ideal Candidates for Under Eye Rejuvenation

The ideal candidates for under-eye rejuvenation are:

  • Individuals aged 21 and above.
  • Those who are in good physical and mental health.
  • People with realistic hopes for the treatment.
  • Those who are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Individuals without a history of severe allergies or medical issues that would make this treatment unsafe.
  • People who have noticeable tear troughs and dark circles under their eyes, especially if they’re moderate to severe.

Under Eye Rejuvenation Pre-Procedure Guidelines

Under Eye Rejuvenation Procedure

When you refresh the skin under your eyes, the exact steps can vary depending on your treatment. But in general, it involves a few key stages:

  • You’ll first meet with a trained expert to discuss your needs and goals. They’ll help you choose the proper treatment for you.
  • Before the primary procedure, you might receive a numbing cream or a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable.
  • This step varies based on what you’ve chosen. It could be injections or the application of a unique product or device designed to rejuvenate the area.
  • After the procedure, you’ll return for a check-up to see how things are going and ensure the results are on track.


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Frequently Asked

The duration of your Eye Rejuvenation service hinges on the treatment type and its extent, tailored to meet your unique needs. Generally, non-surgical procedures are swifter than their surgical counterparts. For instance, under-eye filler sessions typically span 15 to 30 minutes, whereas blepharoplasty may take one to three hours per session.

While generally safe when performed by experienced providers, Eye Rejuvenation may have rare complications like infection, bleeding, scarring, or allergic reactions. Adhering to pre- and post-op instructions is crucial to minimize risks.

Results longevity depends on treatment type and scope. Surgical interventions, like blepharoplasty, offer longer-lasting outcomes, often several years or permanently. Non-surgical treatments, like under-eye filler, typically last six months to two years. Lifestyle and skincare habits also influence results. Regular sunscreen and healthy choices can extend the benefits.

Blepharoplasty: A surgical procedure to remove excess skin, fat, or muscle from upper or lower eyelids for a youthful appearance. Under Eye Filler: Non-surgical treatment using a gel-like substance to smooth and plump hollow areas under the eyes. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP): Non-surgical procedure harnessing your blood’s growth factors to stimulate collagen production and healing in the eye area. Radiofrequency (RF): Non-surgical approach using radio waves to tighten and lift the skin by stimulating collagen production.

Please consult with our experienced team at NOVA Concierge Medicine & Aesthetics. We’ll assess your eye condition, align with your needs, goals, budget, and preferences, and provide insights into the pros and cons of each option. Your personalized path to brighter eyes starts here.

Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and bruising. Use prescribed medication or eye drops for pain relief and infection prevention. Sleep with your head elevated to minimize swelling. Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes for at least a week post-procedure. Skip makeup and contact lenses for at least a week after treatment. Shield your eyes from sunlight or bright lights for at least a week. Adhere to specific post-procedure instructions regarding cleaning, dressing, and moisturizing provided by your provider.

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