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RF Microneedling Services

RF Microneedling Services

Getting a fresh face with tightened and younger skin has become much easier than ever before. Also known as collagen induction therapy or skin needling, RF-Microneedling is a non-invasive treatment without any painful procedures. In this aesthetic treatment, tiny needles along with radiofrequency waves are used for the rejuvenation of facial skin to give you a youthful appearance. It includes controlled skin injury for the stimulation of healthy new skin growth that ultimately results in removing scars and wrinkles.

The treatment induces collagen and elastin production that resultantly makes the skin clean, flexible, and radiant. Both elements are proteins that have excellent functioning in giving your skin its structure back. It resultantly tightens the skin and unveils your natural beauty. RF Microneedling is highly effective in dealing with the issues of acne scars, cellulite, fine lines, hyperhidrosis, hyperpigmentation, large pores appearance, sagging skin, stretch marks, and wrinkles.

Benefits of RF-Microneedling

An amalgamation of two popular procedures including radiofrequency and Microneedling, RF Microneedling is a highly effective treatment for tackling various mild to severe skin issues.

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Ideal Candidates for RF Microneedling

Getting treatment for any issue is not decided on the universal principle, instead, it’s an individualized approach and it must be. Even if you are a completely healthy person, it does not mean you can go for anything without getting to have its know-how. Taking your overall medical condition, a medical provider may not recommend to you the treatment which you were finding very effective. Thus, RF Microneedling is not suitable for every person.
 It is entirely a safe treatment but not appropriate for all. It works best for people with overall good health, having early aging signs, and having realistic expectations. You are considered ideal for RF Microneedling if you have been seeking treatment for acne scars, burn scarring, or traumatic scars. Unlike other skin rejuvenation techniques, RF Microneedling is completely safe for people having darker skin tones.

RF-Microneedling Pre-Procedure Guidelines

In general, there are a few guidelines to follow so your treatment will work effectively. Must undertake the given tips before getting this treatment. These guidelines include:

RF-Microneedling Procedure

Whatever clinic or spa you are consulting, your treatment will take place over there. The procedure begins with a thorough cleansing. The provider uses alcohol to clean your face in order to thwart any kind of infection. An hour prior to the procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated. Other than this, an anesthetic in injectable form could be used just to numb that specific area letting you not feel the pain. The provider then uses the Microneedling device to injure the skin making tiny wounds. The length of the needles is adjusted according to your skin thickness as well as the heat administered level to penetrate properly into the skin. The skin is punctured with microscopic needles under thermal energy waves to trigger the natural recovery process.

As the needles are used, they release radiofrequency waves into the damaged skin. On penetrating into the lower layers of skin, the needles work stimulating collagen and elastin production. After all this, the growth solution is applied for boosting cell regeneration. In the end, a soothing solution is applied for the riddance of any discomfort. The procedure is 10 to 20 minutes in duration.


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Frequently Asked

The number of treatments hinges on your personal objectives and skin condition. Generally, 3 to 6 sessions, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart, yield optimal results for most patients. However, the count may vary based on skin type and concerns.

A session takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes, contingent upon treated area size and quantity. Before treatment, a numbing cream is applied for around an hour to minimize discomfort.

Post-treatment, expect some redness, swelling, and mild bruising on treated areas – typical and temporary side effects waning within days. You might sense tightness and skin dryness as healing occurs. For 24 hours, shun sun exposure, hot showers, saunas, pools, and intense workouts. Shield your skin with gentle skincare and sunscreen.

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